How can I access watch.learn.drive.?

You can use watch.learn.drive. on any device.
On a mobile or tablet, you can access via the watch.learn.drive. app for iOS and Android.
If you are a Windows phone user, or on your desktop Mac or PC, you can access the app via your browser.
We have emailed website address details to you previously.

The videos are not working.

As with any online video streaming (such as YouTube), watch.learn.drive. videos require a 3G or Wi-Fi signal to play correctly.
Please makes sure you are connected to the internet to watch the videos. 

I can’t login in.

The 2 most common reasons for not being able to login are:

1) lost/incorrect login details, or 2) a missed subscription payment. 


1) Please make sure you are using the details you registered with.
If you still have an issue, please use the ‘I forgot’ links on the login page to reset your password. 
2) If you have missed a subscription payment, then please check your payment info with ‘World Pay’.

You will need the ‘World Pay’ login details sent to you at the time you subscribed.
You may need to update your card details if they have changed, i.e. if you have receive a new card.
If you have recently added funds to your account, please try the ‘retry’ button in the ‘Payment details’ 
section so you can pay your subscription.
You will need the ‘World Pay’ login details sent to you at the time you subscribed.

I’ve passed my test. How do I cancel my subscription?

Just because you have passed, doesn’t mean you need to cancel. You can use watch.learn.drive to help you once passed too.

You’ll be surprised how many times you will wish you had help once you’ve passed. However, you can cancel in the payment details section of your ‘World Pay’ account.

You will need the ‘World Pay’ login details sent to you at the time you subscribed.

I’ve failed my test. How do I claim against the guarantee?

If you have failed your test, then you can claim a test rebooking under the terms of our guarantee.
Please send contact our support team from the ‘App Support’ link in the app.

What if I need help?

If you are still having issues having read the FAQs above, then please use the ‘App Support’ link in the app to contact us.
Please try and be as specific as possible so we can help you.

What are the Terms and Privacy Policy?

By using watch.learn.drive. you will have agreed to the the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
You can review them anytime here:
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy

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