Pass our we pay for your next test!

The terms of the guarantee are very simple: If you have completed the course in full and then have been unsuccessful in your driving test, we will pay for your next test.
To validate the guarantee, please see the terms below:



Terms of Guarantee

1) Please send us a copy of your driving test report that shows you have failed;

2) Please send you course logins so we can check that all the sections have been completed.

3) We will then check that the dates of access/completion were before the date of the failed driving test.

4) You will need to give us your full details so we can book the test for you – we will discuss this with you at the time.

5) We will then pay for your test.

Of course, if you have completed the course in full, we would expect no-one to fail – but the guarantee is there to reassure you.
Full terms and conditions of are available here:

Full Terms

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